The Power Of Consistency - 20 Miles

To achieve results, you must focus on consistency.


In 1911, two explorers Amundsen and Scott, led separate teams on an expedition race to the South Pole.  While both team would be travelling the same distance as each other through extreme and unpredictable weather conditions, each team took an entirely different approach to the journey.

Scott’s team would walk as far as possible on the good weather days and then rest up on the bad days to conserve energy.

However, Amundsen’s approach was to adhere to a strict regimen of consistent progress by walking 20 miles a day every day no matter the weather.  Even on days of good weather, when Scott’s team would forge ahead by walking for 9-10 hours, and Amundsen’s team were capable of walking further, Amundsen insisted that they walk no more than 20 miles per day to conserve their energy.


"0 Mile March

The team that took consistent, steady action towards their goal.

By taking consistent action everyday with the 20-mile march rather than spurts of inconsistent action, they made it to the South Pole on schedule, as they had a higher average speed per day.

Scott’s team that only travelled on good days ended up dying on the journey.

Commit to your own 20 mile march this quarter, and prove the benefits of taking consistent action.

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