Give Every Hour A Job

"ipsa scientia potestas est" (Knowledge is power)- Sir Francis Bacon - 1597

Before you can master anything, you must understand it. Successful people understand time, focus on tasks that pay the biggest dividends, and ruthlessly allocate their time.

The RISE team have created a 3 step process, for helping you carve enough time into each day to read, and allow you to the freedom to hit your other goals.


Do you know how much time you actually have?

1 Day - 1440 Minutes/24 Hours

1 Week - 10080 Minutes/168 Hours

1 Month - 43800 Minutes/730 Hours

1 Quarter - 131400 Minutes/2190 Hours

To make the most of each minute, you need to know how many you have to work with.

- At RISE, we work off the basic premise that not everything can be top priority. Thus, to get the things done that truly matter, we need to remove the items out of our to-do lists that don't matter, and be ruthless about the things that aren't on our to-do list.


Learn to allocate every waking hour a job. Map out what a truly successful days looks like to you, and the things you would ideally achieve, and use that as your base when planning your days.

To really control your day, you can even go as granular as blocking in 15 minute slots. Whether you use P2A, Outlook or any other calendar system, the principles are the same.Be realistic about how long a task will take and stick at it until complete. Complete one thing at a time, rather than starting multiple tasks. White space on your calendar is the biggest obstacle standing in between you and your goals.