About Rise

RISE is a threefold system:

Diary planner – Introduce Accountability.

A-Z Index – Systemise your reading.

Quarterly Supplement – Stimulating Reading Projects

This unique system empowers you to set sustainable but challenging & varied reading goals and to hold you accountable, instilling a sense of victory every day. The power of a good habit can never be under-estimated.

Our core values of simplicity & design ensured that the end product is outstanding in both form and function. Our considered approach to the layouts and content, to meticulous attention to detail on the quality of finish ensures that RISE is the perfect partner for your spiritual journey.

Our Vision

To have 20,000 Rise users by 2020

Our Mission

To inspire the potential through well considered beautiful products which facilitate spiritual growth.

Our Values

  • Accountability
  • Design
  • Simplicity
  • Continual improvement