The Diary Planner

The daily planner is the cornerstone of the RISE system, empowering you to start positive habits, introduce accountability, and systematise your reading. Complemented by the Index, and the Supplement, the planner embodies the RISE value of continual improvement. 

What Does It Do For Me?

  1. Set goals, record and hold yourself accountable for daily reading.
  2. Record your impressions from the Lord’s Supper
  3. Record meeting follow-up notes.
  4. A reference centre for all your notes whether they are in the planner, the A-Z or the supplements.
  5. It provides space to follow up from the meetings.

Why Quarterly?

  1. It allows you to focus for short periods of time, utilising the power of the 90 day sprint.
  2. If you get off track, you have the opportunity to have a fresh start 4 times a year, when you receive your fresh new planner in the post ready to start again.
  3. It allows us to implement customer feedback at a quicker rate, making it the most user-centric product on the market.



Rise Planner